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As the holiday season unfolds and “Dry January” is around the corner, there has been a growing interest in non-alcoholic beverages. Canadians want to enjoy the festivities without the negative effects of alcohol.
The rise of the ‘sober curious’ movement has been driven by younger consumers. Millennials and Generation Z have different perceptions of drinking than older generations. According to a study by Veylinx, a significant 46% of individuals aged 21-35 are trying to reduce alcohol consumption, prioritizing a healthier lifestyle.
This shift towards non-alcoholic alternatives has unlocked numerous growth opportunities for brands targeting this younger demographic. Companies have been focusing on delivering better taste and a variety of options:
Ready to DrinkReady-to-Drink (RTD) is the most rapidly expanding no-alcohol subcategory with a growth rate of 18% according to a report by IWSR Drinks Market Analysis. This trend taps into the momentum of RTDs and the convenience they offer, appealing to consumers who are looking to experiment with zero-proof alternatives and enjoy the variety this format offers. For restaurants and bars, this also translates into less wasted product.
Non-Alcoholic BeerSophisticated brewing processes and distinctive flavor profiles characterize non-alcoholic beer, making it a popular choice for consumers seeking an authentic beer experience without the presence of alcohol.
Non-Alcoholic WineDelivering a no/low alcohol wine with the aroma, mouthfeel, and nuance to satisfy a wine lover makes this category a tricky one to get right. Finding producers who have experience with quality winemaking and state-of-the-art technology for alcohol removal is key.
It is often the sparkling varieties that hit closest to the mark, yet significant advancements have been achieved in gentle alcohol removal techniques. These innovations enable winemakers to preserve the distinct character of a varietal and terroir that makes wine such a delicious accompaniment to food.
Non-Alcoholic SpiritsThe rise of non-alcoholic cocktail culture parallels the broader trend, and it fits perfectly with a younger demographic seeking the vibrant social atmosphere of a bar scene, minus the potential complications associated with over-consumption. Creative bartenders and savvy hospitality professionals are recognizing the advantages of venturing beyond the sugary realm of Shirley Temples and cranberry soda. They are now catering to a health-conscious clientele that has long been overlooked.This cultural evolution reflects a broader understanding of diverse preferences and promotes a more considerate and supportive social environment. Inclusivity takes center stage as these alternatives provide a means for everyone to participate in social gatherings without feeling excluded.
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