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With $36 billion in combined purchasing power, Groupex can negotiate with major brands and top suppliers on your behalf. We help our members lower food and operational costs on everyday essentials, tech solutions, financial services, and more.



Save Money

Groupex can reduce invoice cost in many areas, while providing industry leading rebates which plays an important part in slowing inflation.

We help our members save money on necessary goods and services in the food and hospitality industry. These savings lead to a reduction in your operational and food cost. The savings generated by Groupex allows members to add up to 10%* back into their budget.

Save Time

Groupex has negotiated supplier pricing/rebates on your behalf saving you time. Tracking is automatic (no work for the operator) and saves time poling supplier pricing (contract pricing).

Groupex removes a significant amount of work so you can focus on the day-to-day aspects of your business.



Groupex Members enjoy special status and credibility which allows you to purchase with confidence. Long term contracts and volume security gives Groupex Members a competitive advantage.

Our members also gain access to Groupex’s specialized pricing and rebate structures.



Groupex Members receive credible, accountable, reliable and personal service.

Owned by Restaurants Canada, Groupex is audited annually by a 3rd party accountant firm (Grant Thornton). The Groupex Consultative team has over 250 years combined food service Experience and Knowledge.

Our sales consultants work with our members to provide in-depth knowledge of our programs and offer the most beneficial options to their businesses.



Groupex Members benefit from monthly detailed rebate reporting and payment which increases cash flow. Access to detailed reporting creates valuable transparency.

These detailed reports provide our members with knowledge of our programs and guidance leading to better rebates. Our team works with you to develop a plan that is designed to maximize your savings and provide the best quality of information.



Access to a brilliant portfolio of branded goods and services provides a broad spectrum of program coverage across all categories.

Our programs consist of direct programs such as “Pepsi” and “Gordon Food Service” and our other categories include Beverage, Grocery/Frozen, Protein, Dairy, Paper/Packing, Tech Financial, & Operational. Check out our Programs page for more information.



The arm for independents to get access to pricing/rebates is usually reserved for Large National Chains. Groupex is created by independents for independents.

We are a proudly Independent Canadian company focused on helping independent businesses in the restaurant and hospitality industry succeed. All of Groupex's benefits are designed to maximize the potential of your business.



Groupex is owned by Restaurants Canada, the non-profit lobbying organization for the foodservice and hospitality industry. That’s makes us the only Canadian Group Purchasing Organization that reinvests 100% of profits into the industry.

Joining Groupex includes a one-year membership to Restaurants Canada so you can stay on top of industry trends and gain a competitive edge surrounding food shortages, price fluctuations, inflation, and new products.